Marion Owen Alaska

How the Peace Rose survived World War II

If plants could talk, the Peace Rose could tell a tale as gripping as a World War II spy novel.

While I’m not fond of spy novels and Peace Roses aren’t fond of Kodiak, Alaska, I was thrilled when a bouquet of Peace Roses showed up in our kitchen one day…

Marty had returned from the post office with a sheet of postage stamps. “I think you’ll like these,” he said, holding them up. “It’s a photo of a pretty yellow and pink rose.”

Though I couldn’t see the stamps from across the room, I saw enough. My heart swelled with a deep knowing, an intuitive recognition. “Is it… is it a picture of the Peace Rose?”

“Yes it is,” he said. “How did you know?”

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When celery is cloaked with diamonds

Let’s face it, celery is an unappreciated vegetable. A little goes a long way for me. Still, I grow several plants in containers on the deck where it’s convenient to harvest, but mostly to discourage slugs.

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Night photography and my little journey to understand why

Exciting photo, eh?
Yeah, I know. But taking the image sent me on a little journey for which I’m grateful. You see, I needed to know a “why.” And it took a National Geographic article about gardens to teach me a lesson in night photography…

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