Month: January 2014

California’s drought is screaming, "Get off your duff and start growing!"

If you’ve been toying with the idea of growing some of your own food, it’s time to get serious about it. Thanks to California’s current drought–reported to be the worst in 100 years–food prices are on the rise…

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Rock stars of organic farming chew the fat about our food

carrots, garden, harvest, organic
Don’t worry, eat carrots! These were grown in our seaside garden. All organic, using kelp (seaweed), leaves, compost, volcanic ash, cow manure and lots more.

In Kodiak, Alaska, I’m an organic gardening geek. I teach the stuff through the University of Alaska and write about weeds, seeds and the beauty of kelp in my weekly newspaper column.
My husband and I grow a lot on our ‘postage stamp’ property. In the summer, it’s mostly greens, herbs and edible flowers

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Choices by the teaspoon: How do you use precious moments?

Early this morning, I read a bold statement that caused me to set my coffee cup down:

“All who are willing to snatch time from the greedy material world to devote it instead to the divine search can learn to behold the wondrous factory of creation out of which all things are born.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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When a snowflake whispers in your ear, listen up.

Isn’t it cool how answers show up in the most unusual ways…when we have burning questions, problems that need solving, or lessons to learn? Allow me to share a story with you…

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