Marion Owen Alaska

What Dr. Seuss and Beethoven can teach you about Mother Nature

Who is Mother Nature?

Is she a beautiful goddess draped in a fern dress? Or an old hag that stirs up violent tornadoes?

Hold on to your mossy hat. You’re about to learn

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How to love a bumblebee

Let’s face it. Honeybees get all the attention. They’re cute, fuzzy and necessary to our survival. But so are bumblebees. Maybe more so. But I didn’t know that stuff until

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When did you last spend time being quiet?

On a clear, crispy winter morning, I’d just finished taking pictures of hoar frost. Fairyland stuff. I’m trying to do what feels right. And you? Are you walking each day? Learning how to knit? Adding kale to your smoothies?

Before you dive headlong into

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Weather: The biggest show on earth

The weather is the biggest show on earth. It engages everyone. Best of all, admission is free and good seats are plentiful. Plus, no commercials. And it runs 24/7.  To some though, the weather is just something to be tolerated. Clouds are

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Why take another photo?

I’ve been carrying a camera around since I was ten, starting with a Brownie Instamatic camera, a gift from Mom and Dad. It’s all digital now. Thousands of images later, sometimes I’d wonder, “Aren’t there enough photos

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When celery is cloaked with diamonds

Let’s face it, celery is an unappreciated vegetable. A little goes a long way for me. Still, I grow several plants in containers on the deck where it’s convenient to harvest, but mostly to discourage slugs.

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Why sea otters put on a happy face

Which animal wins the prize for the densest fur on the planet? The sea otter. One million hairs per square inch. That’s more hair than on a black lab dog. All that hair means extra warmth–and work–for sea otters. Let me explain.

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Anatomy of a Snowflake: Science, art and a little magic

For over 20 years I’ve photographed snowflakes. Call it a favorite pastime. But global warming is not kind to snowflakes. And the last few years have yielded few snowflakes to photograph. So when we arrived at our friend’s house in

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Are snowflakes alive?

I love to photograph snowflakes. But snowflakes don’t love Kodiak Island’s coastal wetness. So when weather conditions in Anchorage, Alaska look ideal, I grab my camera gear and catch

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