Puffins on Parade

Everyone loves puffins.

Did you know there are 3 species of puffins in the world? Kodiak, Alaska is blessed with 2 of them: The horned puffin and the tufted puffin. These amazing birds beat their wings 400 times a minute and can fly up to 40 mph. Don’t ask them to soar like an eagle, though. They’ll fall from the sky like a shoe. Remember to click on the thumbnails to view the big pictures.

And what about those bright colors? It’s all about the dating game. They are just for looks during the summer. During the winter, puffins don their dull jackets and spend their time bobbing around the ocean. Scary and boring, but true.

I hope you enjoy the collection. It’s goodness from the heart.

Me to you,

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Tufted puffins are the largest puffins in the world, and I think, are the most shy and reclusive. The “tufts” are specialized feathers that develop in time for the breeding season.