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Hello, and thanks for being curious.

My eclectic life in Kodiak, Alaska is a like a salad bar of experiences: Working aboard research ships, a photography instructor through the University of Alaska, weekly garden columnist, a chef on dinner cruises. I’ve dealt with sexual abuse and a rather dysfunctional childhood (does anyone have a perfect childhood?).

marion owen, Kodiak, Alaska
How do I love plants? Let me count the ways…

I’d get comments like:

  • “Marion, how about publishing a coffee table book of your photos?”
  • “If you ever publish a cookbook, I’d love a copy.”
  • “I want to take better pictures. Are you teaching photography classes?”
  • “I’ve been reading your garden column for years. Ever think of writing a book?”

It was all lovely to hear, but…

I knew there wasn’t enough of me to go around. So, I created this blog AND in 2014, I created my first custom wall calendar.

It’s an annual ritual, a blessing of sorts.

Each year represents a snapshot of goodness I’ve come across at one point or ‘nother: A new recipe, a better way to garden, a quote that stopped me in my tracks, a new way to photograph the world around me…

Living on Kodiak Island

Yes, I work, relax, and love life on Kodiak Island, the second largest island in the U.S. My husband, Marty, and I host wildlife viewing tours aboard our 42-foot yacht, the Sea Breeze. And we also operate an oceanfront B&B we appropriately named the Cliff House B&B.

I’ve worked on research ships, created photographs that hang in The Smithsonian and given up cheese and meat. I enjoy watching bumblebees and snowflakes. And somewhere along the line, I co-authored Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul which spent three happy months on the New York Times bestseller list.

Learning how to rest

These days, I’m learning how to rest and to not do too much; and what it means to be authentic, to embrace joy, and to not burn the oatmeal.

I write and photograph about challenges I’m facing and overcoming, what works for me; and knowledge I take for granted. You know, the little stuff that can make a big difference.

Meanwhile, the coffee and tea pot at our house is always at the ready.

Thanks for being on the planet. Cheers, blessings and love,

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