Marion Owen Alaska

Choices by the teaspoon: How do you use precious moments?

Early this morning, I read a bold statement that caused me to set my coffee cup down:

“All who are willing to snatch time from the greedy material world to devote it instead to the divine search can learn to behold the wondrous factory of creation out of which all things are born.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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When a snowflake whispers in your ear, listen up.

Isn’t it cool how answers show up in the most unusual ways…when we have burning questions, problems that need solving, or lessons to learn? Allow me to share a story with you…

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Bees, races and wild orchids: Springtime in Kodiak, Alaska

Spring doesn’t arrive in Alaska, it splashes, blooms, buzzes and erupts. Let me describe it in pictures for you…

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Night photography and my little journey to understand why

Exciting photo, eh?
Yeah, I know. But taking the image sent me on a little journey for which I’m grateful. You see, I needed to know a “why.” And it took a National Geographic article about gardens to teach me a lesson in night photography…

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