Marion Owen’s award-winning wall calendar

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Marion Owen’s custom wall calendar


One size fits all walls!

If you’re like me, what you hang on your walls is a personal thing. You want it to complement your surroundings nicely but not grow stale.

That’s why my wall calendar is so popular: Each month is a fresh collection of recipes, night sky events, upbeat quotations, riddles, and a beautiful, ready-to-frame image from Kodiak. Ever new, ever-changing, filled to the brim with goodness. Like a cookie jar. One customer said, “It’s the only calendar I read from cover to cover!”

Testimonials for Marion Owen's wall calendar

  • 28 pages that guarantee outbursts of smiles and happiness
  • Stunning photos suitable for framing
  • Unique recipes (think easy, tasty, and healthy)
  • Organic gardening and photography tips
  • Upbeat quotes and night sky events
  • Non-glossy paper for doodling and making notes
  • Printed in the USA (in Montana!) on recycled paper

Payment details

Payment is through Stripe. Use “Buy Now” or just Add to Cart to pay by credit card.

Shipping details

  • Shipping is a flat rate of $7.00 in the U.S. and a $15.00 flat rate for the rest of the world.
  • Orders are sent by Priority Mail or First Class Mail from Kodiak, Alaska.

My return policy

When you hold this calendar in your hands and flip through the pages, I think you’ll agree that it’s THE MOST warm ‘n fuzzy calendar you’ve ever met. If for any reason though, you’re not pleased-as-punch with your purchase and you’d like a refund, please contact me at [email protected].

Additional information

Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 11 × .25 × 8.5 in

10 reviews for Marion Owen’s award-winning wall calendar

  1. Kathy Martin

    Annual Christmas gifts for my four sisters are Marion’s personally autographed exquisite calendars. It’s always fun to see their expressions when they receive this unique Alaskan work of art…they so look forward to it year after year. They have all visited me in Alaska, but Marion’s calendar has given them “the full import” of Alaskan life in full technicolor and astounding narrative. So much fun and education in one little package. Thank you, Marion!

  2. Valene Wilde

    Marion’s calendar is a beautiful expression of the heart that she puts into her work!

  3. Kathleen Pearson

    My son told me that he doesn’t hang a calendar but when he saw yours (I bought him one as well as myself for Christmas) He said that yours was the only one he’s seen that he wants to have hanging on the wall at his place. He’s a tough one so it means a big compliment to you and your beautiful, useful calendar. <

  4. Pat Lods

    Love your calendars. (However I just am not good at sudoku so try a different puzzle next year!). Beautiful pictures. Thanks again for creating them.

  5. Jeanine Costello

    This is an automatic gift I give to family members every year. And of course I have one on my kitchen wall too. The phots are beautiful, the recipes fun to try, and I love the little bits of extra knowledge.

  6. Lori Ryser

    I’ve bought Marion’s calendar every year and have saved every one. They have great recipes, inspiration and gardening tips that I go back to all the time. She puts her heart and soul into them. A valuable treasure!

  7. Luanne Cottle

    My favorite calendar of all! Filled with so much information in addition to Marion’s awesome photos of beautiful Kodiak. And because it has great recipes it gets added to my recipe shelf at years end! I get extra for gifts!

  8. Tom Watson

    It’s always been more than “just a calendar”! Full of beautiful photos showcasing the Emerald Island of Kodiak as well as Marion’s awesome talent as a photographer. Her recipes, tidbits of facts and other highlights throughout the calendar make this a refreshing and enlightening mini almanac of Marion’s expressive appreciation of Nature and every living spirit in it. Having one of her calendars gracing your wall is a refreshing joy to view every day of the year.

  9. Jennifer C Foster (verified owner)

    I look forward to Marion’s calendar every year, love the tips to get me out in my garden, or to try new recipes. I’m always learning something new, and of course I love her photos. It’s a bright spot of sunshine by my desk with no windows?

  10. cliffhouse1223

    I love this award winning calendar by Marion.

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