Giant Bumblebee Photobombs My Promotional Video

To shoot this video, I scouted a spot in the garden, near a patch of Iceland poppies. I hit the record button and started talking to my iPhone. Suddenly a giant, buff-tailed bumblebee exploded out of a yellow poppy, spun around like a helicopter, and buzzed out of the frame.

I thought, “Should I re-shoot it?”
[You be the judge. Follow this Vimeo link to watch the 45-second clip]

I went ahead and sent out the newsletter anyway since the workshop was less than 2 days away.

I shouldn’t have worried. The following afternoon, I checked on the signups.

The number of people who registered for the workshop doubled from the day before.

Sometimes I worry about my stuff not being good enough; or not polished enough. Maybe being “Raw and Real” isn’t so bad after all.

Now if I could just find my flying co-star…

That’s it for now.

Talk soon,

PS What would YOU do, reshoot or leave it bee?

By the way, if you’re curious about the Composting Made Easy workshop, you can get more info at this registration link.

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