Marion Owen Alaska

What Dr. Seuss and Beethoven can teach you about Mother Nature

Who is Mother Nature?

Is she a beautiful goddess draped in a fern dress? Or an old hag that stirs up violent tornadoes?

Hold on to your mossy hat. You’re about to learn

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8 lovely Little Planet photos of our world

Sometimes we need a different view of our world to really appreciate it. That’s why Little Planet photos are so powerful. Their 360-degree, gentle horizon invites you to look, and look a little more. Whether you use a smartphone

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How to end plastic pollution like this 10-year old activist

If trends continue, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.* A sobering thought. But 10-year old Lilly Platt is attacking the world’s plastic problem. She began by launching Lilly’s Plastic Pickup to educate the rest of us. No small task. And to think

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How to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like it

What chores do you avoid? Maybe it’s cleaning the bathroom. Or grocery shopping. For me, weeding was a grueling chore. Then I came across Daniel Pink’s “Pinkcast” called

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How to love a bumblebee

Let’s face it. Honeybees get all the attention. They’re cute, fuzzy and necessary to our survival. But so are bumblebees. Maybe more so. But I didn’t know that stuff until

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What is the #1 goal you need to complete your bucket list?

There’s something really satisfying about checking a goal off your bucket list. Your goal might emerge on cue, like a sunrise. Or demand patience. Here’s what happened at 4,000 feet in Joshua Tree

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Why I’m to blame for the government shutdown

On January 18, 2019, the New York Times ran an article about my hometown of Kodiak, Alaska called A Small Alaska Town Reels As the Coast Guard Weathers on Without Pay. We do

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When did you last spend time being quiet?

On a clear, crispy winter morning, I’d just finished taking pictures of hoar frost. Fairyland stuff. I’m trying to do what feels right. And you? Are you walking each day? Learning how to knit? Adding kale to your smoothies?

Before you dive headlong into

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The coffee spilled all over the floor…

I was first to get up this morning, which meant it was my job to start the coffee. I pushed the button on the brewer, then washed a few dishes. Minutes later, I smelled coffee. Such a wonderful smell. I grabbed a mug, turned, and to my horror,

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