Marion Owen Alaska

I learn about hospice, for now, through photographs

For the past couple weeks I’ve been holed up in my office. Lights dimmed, I stand at my desk, quietly working on my iMac to produce a Powerpoint presentation for our local “Heart for Hospice” fundraiser. As I pair inspirational quotes to my images, concepts swirl around me like gentle zephyrs:

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Strawberry Reflections in Seattle

The rain had stopped so we decided have breakfast at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. “Go to Lowell’s, you’ll love their lemon-blueberry pancakes,” the hotel clerk said. So lemon-blueberry pancakes it was,

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Are your decisions tainted by "analysis paralysis"?

Dan Burns is a professional sports photographer. To pay the bills though, he shoots “anything that moves,” from dance rehearsals and polo matches to brown bears and pro football games.

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