Marion Owen Alaska

What Dr. Seuss and Beethoven can teach you about Mother Nature

Who is Mother Nature?

Is she a beautiful goddess draped in a fern dress? Or an old hag that stirs up violent tornadoes?

Hold on to your mossy hat. You’re about to learn

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Why this gardener loves Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming

During World War I President Woodrow Wilson asked Americans to plant vegetable gardens “to ward off the possible threat of food shortages.” By 1943, victory gardens supplied an amazing 40 percent

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My podcast story: I want to be open to the gifts

On a beautiful fall day, podcaster Catherine Praiswater stopped by the garden to ask me about the birds and the bees. Eagles and bumblebees, actually. She adjusted

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Want a dream garden? How to order seeds the easy way

In 1988 I decided to grow a few vegetables. Problem was, I’d never grown more than a sunflower in a milk carton. So it was no surprise when 50 years later, I was totally overwhelmed

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How does snow help and harm plants?

It’s snowing. Big fluffy flakes. You start to worry that your shrubs and winter flowering plants might suffer. The good news: Snow benefits plants. But it can also spell trouble. Here’s a

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Eat this! Fixing our food waste problem

It’s been a busy week. Our local Walmart sold pumpkins for one dollar each. I bought 12. Now what? As I researched recipes online, I came across a haunting statistic: About 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are thrown

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What’s your Why?

I invite you to pause and ponder for a moment…
Why do you get up in the morning?
Why do you volunteer at the animal shelter?

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How the Peace Rose survived WW II: A story that will make you smile

If plants could talk, the Peace Rose could tell a tale
as gripping as a World War II spy novel…

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My favorite, natural solutions for controlling plant pests

While talking with a friend about indoor plants recently, we got on the topic of pests. “What are those little black flies that buzz around my face when I’m working on the computer?” she blurted. “They drive me crazy!”

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