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How to love a bumblebee

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Let’s face it. Honeybees get all the attention. They’re cute, fuzzy and necessary to our survival. But so are bumblebees. Maybe more so. But I didn’t know that stuff until one cool, April morning in Kodiak, Alaska.

I was walking by the woodpile when I noticed a bumblebee resting on a log. Ignoring my bee phobia, I held out my hand.

While I didn’t get stung in the literal sense, I was stung with curiosity.

Has something like that ever happened to you?

For two years, I photographed, filmed, observed and read about these amazing creatures that resemble tiny grizzly bears.

For example, here are a few mental-flossers to share with your friends:

Six facts about bumblebees

  1. They can pollinate twice as many flowers as honeybees
  2. Bumblebees are native to North America. Honeybees are not
  3. They can fly higher than Mount Everest
  4. Compared to wasps, bumblebees are docile and mellow
  5. Male bumblebees don’t have a stinger
  6. One in four bumblebee species are at risk for extinction

How can you not love a bumblebee?

My first bumblebee documentary

In March 2019, I tried my hand at film-making. I created this 6-minute documentary.

It might not be National Geographic quality. But hey, I’m learning.

For a bumblebee’s sake, please give it a watch and share it with your friends and family.

Humble bumblebees everywhere thank you in advance.

And I thank you for stopping by.


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