How the Peace Rose survived World War II

If plants could talk, the Peace Rose could tell a tale as gripping as a World War II spy novel.

While I’m not fond of spy novels and Peace Roses aren’t fond of Kodiak, Alaska, I was thrilled when a bouquet of Peace Roses showed up in our kitchen one day…

Marty had returned from the post office with a sheet of postage stamps. “I think you’ll like these,” he said, holding them up. “It’s a photo of a pretty yellow and pink rose.”

Though I couldn’t see the stamps from across the room, I saw enough. My heart swelled with a deep knowing, an intuitive recognition. “Is it… is it a picture of the Peace Rose?”

“Yes it is,” he said. “How did you know?”

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Have you every asked yourself, “Am I good enough?

I have a confession to make: I’m learning how to play the harp. At age 62 I’m also learning how to read music. Believe me, while practicing by myself in the window seat alcove, upstairs by the bookshelves, there are times when I feel frustrated and wonder if I’ll ever be good enough. Turns out, I’m not alone…

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My favorite, natural solutions for controlling plant pests

While talking with a friend about indoor plants recently, we got on the topic of pests. “What are those little black flies that buzz around my face when I’m working on the computer?” she blurted. “They drive me crazy!”

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Love at First Light: A photo essay from White Sands National Monument

Alamogordo, New Mexico: Marty and I rose at 5:00 a.m. and after oatmeal and coffee, we drove to White Sands National Monument. We turned into the gate and chatted briefly with the ranger, a brusque fellow who could have benefitted from oatmeal and coffee.

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Winter hummingbird: My favorite photo of 2017

On Christmas morning, my sister sent me a photo from her iPhone. Not unusual, right? But when I tapped the screen, I froze and stared at my phone in wonder. In the center of the photo was the silhouette of a hummingbird,

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Ditch the sugar: How to enjoy a healthy Halloween

When I was eight years old, I was sick with the flu on Halloween night, hardly fit to hit the neighborhood up for candy. So, my brother offered to go Trick-or-Treating for me. What a guy.

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