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Equinox explained. And you need this cool, “daylight-darkness” chart for your fridge

To my chop-wood, carry-water friend Mary, the equinox means one thing: Time to dig the ashes out of the woodstove. For the rest of us, let’s dive into a little

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Whale Ahoy! Plus the #1 Essential Tip for Your Summer Garden

What do whales and your summer garden have in common? I’ll share a tip that has solved many a garden problem. But let’s begin with a story: One morning, we departed the Kodiak boat harbor on our boat. As luck would have it,

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3 Personal Stories to Prove that Miracles Do Happen

What are miracles? Coincidences? Lucky accidents reserved for saints? If you’ve ever wondered if magic is real, these stories will confirm that modern-day miracles do happen. And that you

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Magic Happens While Hunting for Sea Glass on Kodiak Island

On Kodiak Island, you’ll find a special beach at the end of a forest trail. Locals call it Glass Beach. Here the tide delivers colorful shards of sea glass, twisted copper bits, even World War II dog tags. This story is about the time that Glass Beach delivered not glass, but an answer to

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What is the #1 goal you need to complete your bucket list?

There’s something really satisfying about checking a goal off your bucket list. Your goal might emerge on cue, like a sunrise. Or demand patience. Here’s what happened at 4,000 feet in Joshua Tree

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My podcast story: I want to be open to the gifts

On a beautiful fall day, podcaster Catherine Praiswater stopped by the garden to ask me about the birds and the bees. Eagles and bumblebees, actually. She adjusted

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Why I’m to blame for the government shutdown

On January 18, 2019, the New York Times ran an article about my hometown of Kodiak, Alaska called A Small Alaska Town Reels As the Coast Guard Weathers on Without Pay. We do

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Marion’s 2020 Calendar

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Some of my customers buy 7 or 12 at a time and ask me to autograph each one.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please post them below or contact me this way:

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1223 Kouskov W
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How the Peace Rose survived WW II: A story that will make you smile

If plants could talk, the Peace Rose could tell a tale
as gripping as a World War II spy novel…

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